Aerobic Exercise and Weight Loss: A Positive Relationship Featured Image

Aerobic exercise is a moderate activity that has to be sustained over a period of time, is rhythmic in nature and requires the use of large muscle groups. Its benefits range from reducing the incidences of heart-related diseases, cancer and diabetes. It improves psychological wellbeing and yes! It helps lose weight. Aerobic exercise and weight loss share a positive relationship since the former loses you calories, helping you to achieve the latter.


How much energy you use when you exercise depends on your weight, the duration and effort taken to complete the exercise and of course, the actual activity! I shall list you the calories expended for 10mis of different exercises assuming the participant is a 53kg female. Playing tennis singles sets you back a measly 60 calories (bah!) and dancing away burns up 80calories. Swimming the breast stoke comes in at a poor second, setting you back just slightly more at 90calories whilst running is a sure winner with 113calories. The relationship between aerobic exercise and weight loss is only true when you burn at least 300 calories per session.


I have to expound on the above exercises. Team sports may burn you even less calories than exercises that you do alone. This is because though these are periods which require bouts of high energy (think running away from a basketball that is hurtling at your face), you also get periods whereby you get to rest, allowing your heart rate to slow down (think playing tennis with a newbie) So if you are dead serious on true aerobic exercise and weight loss, forget social sports and work alone. Though swimming does not score very well on the calorie calculator, it is the least strenuous for your muscles and joints as compared to other high impact activities. Lastly, should you really have no time to exercise, walk more! Walking burns 44 calories in 10mins and it is definitely better than no exercise at all.


Aerobic exercise and weight loss is just a dream if you are a weekend warrior. The recommendation is 3 to 5 times a week of exercise and each session lasting half to one hour. This length of time allows you to start slow to get your body accustomed yet it is not that long so that you overstrain your muscles. This excludes the 5-10 minutes each of warm up and cooling down. This is absolutely vital as it stretches and relaxes your muscles, preventing injury.


Aerobic exercise and weight loss goes hand in hand. However, more haste makes for less speed. Do not be overzealous and throw yourself head first into am ambitious workout regime. Listen to your body and progress to a higher level when you feel that you are ready. You will be able to enjoy the process of exercising and not burn yourself out: totally vital to you maintaining your regime and keeping your weight under control.

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