Best Results For Your Workout.




By simply using the action of synergy:

Synergy = The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations,

substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than

the sum of their separate effects. Basically when you combine two or more

components together, they work better than themselves alone.

An example of synergy that I like to use a lot are three mayor parts of a car.

Even though a car has many more synergistic components, I will refer

to just three. The motor, the tires and the gas. What happens if I take one

of those out? Exactly the car will not work. Well in the fitness field there

is three components that you need to combine as a synergy if not what happens?

Correct it won’t work. Well the three components that you need to use in order

to get the Best Results For Your Workout need to be the

following.  1st.  Nutrition, because nutrition is 80% of your results.  2nd.

Cardiovascular exercise, cardiovascular exercise doesn’t just help you

to burn fat, but it also aids through circulation the deliverance of nutrients

from the good foods you eat. 3rd. A concern of muscle, not just big muscle

but tone dense muscle. Having strong dense muscle doesn’t just help

to increase your metabolism but also increases your immune system. By

combining the synergy of these three components is how your going to get

your Best Results For Your Workout.



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